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Good Benefits of Alcohol

 good benefits of alcohol
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Good Benefits of Alcohol - Alcohol not always bring bad consequences for human beings. Alcohol can also be useful for the everyday lives of human beings.
In scientific language, usually called alcohol. Alcohol is carbon compounds that have a cluster of OH (oxygen and hydrogen). Alcohol has some form of. Alcohol low tribe (which has fewer carbon atoms) in the form of liquid. Alcohol  tangible medium viscous liquids. While alcohol has a high solid.
Alcohol if taken by humans may cause drowsiness, even there are poisons, namely methanol. Therefore, the Government create laws and regulations that govern the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol in the community. The type of alcohol and its benefits can we meet in everyday life, among others, methanol and ethanol.
At room temperature, methanol form a volatile clear liquid and smelled delicious. If methanol is oxidized to form formaldehyde compounds, can be toxic and damaging the retina of the eye. Methanol is used as a solvent in the manufacture of human varnish and lacquer, rust on metal cleaners, antifreeze liquid in the automobile in countries with four seasons, and gasoline fuel mixtures to achieve the level of 15 percent.

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 benefits of alcohol on the brain
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The Benefits Of Ethanol In Liquor Industry

Other types of alcohol use by humans is ethanol. Ethanol is not a poison, but has intoxicating nature, cause drowsiness and addiction. According to Wikipedia, ethanol at room temperature in the form of clear liquid, volatile and odorless.
 benefits of alcohol for health
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Alcohol's Benefits To Human Life

Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is used for the manufacture of liquor, such as bus, wine, whiskey and others. Ethanol is obtained through the fermentation (brewing) reactions of carbohydrates found in rice, potatoes, wheat, cassava, corn, and others.
Encyclopedia Britanica stated technical alcohol used other than for the manufacture of liqueur made with fermented molasses. Molasses is the rest of the processing of sugar cane which still contains considerable levels of sugar but cannot be crystallized into sugar.
Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is most widely used for the manufacture of liquor, as a solvent, as an antiseptic medicine medicines for wounds, for fuel wood, manufacture of perfumes and others. Hopefully this information can increase your knowledge regarding the types and benefits of alcohol.

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Benefits Of Soursop Leaves Cope With Various Diseases

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves Cope With Various Diseases
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Benefits Of Soursop Leaves Cope With Various Diseases - Soursop is a fruit that tastes sweet and sour with filled with thorns on the skin of the fruit. Since done research on this fruit, soursop leaf benefits more and more are looking for. According to research experts of science, soursop leaves can heal a very dangerous diseases such as cancer.diverse benefits of soursop leaves for health


Benefits Of Soursop Leaves Cope With Various Diseases

Miracle fruit is caused not only the leaves alone in search of fruit, the soursop also in search of its economic value and caused the ride so much seeking and rare on the market. Although expensive, still many people hunted it and enjoy the meat of the fruit is sour and sweet. While the benefits of soursop leaf to health very felt by a wide range of disease sufferers. One of the benefits of soursop leaf to gout.

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Benefits of soursop leaf to pick your uric acid

Gout is a disease that attacks the foot because of the productivity increasing purin substances. By consuming soursop leaves by way of boiling the 6 to 10 pieces of his old parts so that the leaves will come out substances that are present in leaves that serves to stifle the pain occurs in the feet. Because the stew this soursop leaves serve as analgesics until leg pain that strikes will slowly disappear.

Decoction of leaves of this soursop drink either at the time of evening and morning. By drinking this soursop leaves, the benefits of soursop leaves to gout more noticeably.

Benefits of soursop leaf to pick the cyst
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Benefits of soursop leaf to pick the cyst

Other than uric acid, there are many other dangerous diseases in natural women i.e. cysts. These cysts grow near the uterus which is very harmful to health if this cyst continues to grow. Moreover, the woman was pregnant, the cyst is inside the womb together with the fetus would be able to inhibit the growth of the fetus so that the development of the fetus becomes disturbed.

Why the benefits of soursop leaf to the cyst could be believed to be correctly? This is caused, soursop leaves contain substances that can inhibit the development of bacteria, parasites and viruses. So that the body undergoes a cyst is detected with routine consumes a decoction of the leaves of the soursop will fade recover, narrowing even disappear altogether.

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Benefits of soursop leaf to overcome diabetes

In addition to the above two diseases, the benefits of soursop leaf for diabetes are also good to treat it. Diabetes is caused by increased levels of sugar in the blood can be on mute by way of consuming soursop leaves. Because of this soursop leaves contains a lot of nutrients to the body so that the routine could stabilize consumption with sugar levels in the blood become normal again.
Although the benefits of soursop leaf very popular and could cure diseases malignant though. However if the symptoms in naturally failed to recover despite consuming soursop leaves regularly and properly. There is no harm in visiting the doctor to get a more intensive treatment. As powerful as any cure, but don't ignore people who experts tackle disease such as doctors. Hope this article is useful.

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14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty

14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty
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14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty - Baby oil is not only beneficial to warm baby's body, but can also be used by teens or adults. Baby oil is available with a variety of brands, which generally has a distinctive aroma. Baby oil has a beauty and health benefits, it's outside of our allegations.

Baby oil is used to treat a baby's skin is sensitive. Benefits for the baby is to make the body more warm and soft. Many people are reluctant to use baby oil, because of the lack of health information. The use of appropriate doses in would be beneficial for the skin and hair.

14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty

here they are:

1.As Body Lotion

Baby oil can be used as a body lotion that is beneficial to smooth and soften skin. This body lotion does not cause allergies for sensitive skin. Use before bedtime or after a shower, to get the skin tone brighter.

2. Clean the former Make Up

Former makeup around the eyes and lips can be cleaned by using baby oil. The oil contained in it can make it easier to remove the makeup in the eyes and lips.

Baby Oil For moisturize the skin
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3. For Bathing

Baby oil can be combined with bubble bath to soak, which is beneficial to moisturize the skin. The benefits of baby oil to the spa will nourish the skin.

4. Prevent dry lips

Baby oil can also be used to cope with dry lips. Apply this oil on the lips, then gently massage. Do ahead of the night's routine.

5. Massage

massage uses baby oil can be done, even for sensitive skin. So keep your skin moist longer. Ask the therapist wears baby oil, when doing the massage. The body will be more smooth, moist, and warm.

6. Oil For Shaving mustaches (for men)

baby oil can used for shave the mustache. This way can prevent the pains and irritation, as well as more secure than other oils.

How to Treat cracked heels
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7. Treat cracked heels

Heels foot which breaks can be triggered by a rise in weight and dryness of the skin of the feet. Apply baby oil on the heel of the foot, then massage gently.

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8. Nail Care

Baby oil can be used as an alternative or pedicure menicure. Apply baby oil on the nail towards the night's sleep, massage gently. Beauty treatment is beneficial to accelerating the growth of the nails, as well as soften the nails.

9. Address the Scaly skin

Baby oil is effective in skin moisturizing hand scales, so that the skin becomes smooth like a baby.

10. Restore the luster of hair

Hair can become dull and not shine. Baby oil is able to provide a natural sheen to the hair. Dampen the hair with baby, then wrap using a warm towel. Leave it on for 20 minutes before shampooing. See the difference when the hair has been dried.

11. Disguise fine lines (Stretch marks)

Fine lines in the skin very interfere with the appearance and eliminate the confidence, so confused when choosing clothing. Apply this oil on your belly, thighs and arms. Do this treatment before going to bed.

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12. Fertilize Eyebrows

Sometimes, when shaving the eyebrows don't neatly so that the shape is being weird. Use baby oil to grow eyebrows back faster. Do maintenance at night, before bed.

13. Clean the dirt in the ears

Dampen cotton bud with baby oil, before it is used to clean the ears. This will make it easier to lift the Earwax is attached to.

baby oil on the skin, before using sunscreen
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14. As a mixture of useful sunscreen

Sunscreen to protect the skin from sun exposure. Apply baby oil on the skin, before using sunscreen. Not only that, the hair will be spared from drought and branching, by applying baby oil on the hair. Hair breakage due to chlorine in the pool water can also be prevented by this oil.

That's the 14 benefit of Baby Oil for skin and hair Beauty. depend on the article abpve we all know that baby oil is not only suitable for a baby, but rather very beneficial to man and woman's beauty.

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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Man and Woman Health

Benefits of Mango Leaves For Health
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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Man and Woman Health - Ladies must have been not familiar with the health benefits of mangoes to the body. Did you know that was not just mangoes are containing many outstanding benefits.

Benefits of Mango Leaves For Health

There are many ways to utilize this mango leaves Ladies. Dry mango leaves and grind until smooth. It contains vitamins B, C, phenols and flavonoids that are beneficial for the body. The leaves of this fruit also contains several health benefits for your body, you know Ladies. Let's find out the full review here only.

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The first benefit of mango leaves are able to treat earache.

Make a juice of mango leaves and use as ear drops. This will help reduce the pain. Warm the juice of mango leaves before using them.

Mango leaves is also beneficial for respiratory problems.

Boil two cups of water with a few leaves of mango. Filtered water after 15 minutes, and add 3 drops of honey before drinking. It will cure cough, asthma symptoms, and bronchitis.

The leaves are also useful for treating dysentery.

Add half a teaspoon of this mango powder in a cup of water and drink three times a day.

Diabetes Treatment

Soak the mango leaves in a bowl of water overnight and drink the water the next morning. Immersion is believed to cure the symptoms of diabetes.

Mango leaves also can help calm the mind is restless and anxious.

Add 2-3 cups of mango leaf tea into your bath water. This will make your mind and body fresh.

Benefits of Mango Leaves to Lowering High Blood Pressure
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Lowering High Blood Pressure

Mango leaves is also beneficial for lowering high blood pressure

Well Ladies, it was not only the fruit that has tremendousbenefits for the health of the human body. Leaves of mango is also very nice and helpful, you know. Hopefully this information is helpful ya Ladies. Good luck.

Benefits of Sex For Man and Woman not Only For Fun

Benefits of Sex For Man and Woman
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Benefits of Sex For Man and Woman not Only For Fun - Sex is not just looking for fun activities for all. This activity also has a number of health benefits associated with these activities. there are 18 sex health benefits to be gained for both men and women.

Benefits of Sex For Man and Woman

Was it good for you? The health benefits of sex are numerous. Of the activity not only get a couple of intimacy between each other, but also burn calories and release all of its main hormone with a wide range of health benefits

1. Benefits to the Brain

Make happy, because at the moment of orgasm you release the hormone serotonin, endorphins, and oxtocin, all of which can help reduce the risk of depression

2. Benefits for head

Relieves headache, rush of endorphins can numb the pain of migraine.

3. Benefits of Sex for the Nose

Regular sex can increase sensitivity to the woman's sense of smell, is due to the release of the hormone prolactin

4. Benefits for Face

People who have sex at least three times a week look 10 years younger, than of those who had sex twice a week

5. Heart disease

Men who have sex at least twice a week, are likely to prevent heart disease compared with those who had sex once a month or less.

6. Less that 1% of acute heart attack associated with sexual activity.

7. Blood Pressure

Sex can lower blood pressure, as well as things that stimulate the emergence of stress

8. Men who have sex twice a week or more, the risk was 50% lower than those who have sex
once a month or less.

Benefits of Sex for Breast
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9. Benefits of Sex for Breast

Woman who rarely have sex, have a greater risk of developing breast cancer

10. Benefits for Blood Circulation

People who have sex once or twice a week, have a strong immune systematically three times to have the immunoglobulin more than those who rarely or no sex

11. Benefits to Waist

For men and women, slender waist associated with more sexual activity

12. Benefits for Health womb

For women, sex is often associated with increased fertility

13. Benefits for Pelvic Organ

Sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles, which help with the passage of urine or erectille dysfunction

14. Prostate

Men who ejaculated at least 5 times a week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

15. Hormone

Generosity-oxytosin, increased hormone of love, which is emotionally increasing generosity with one another. (Improving Taste for Sharing / Hand)

16. Weight Loss

Sex burns about 5 calories per minute, or generally between 50 to 150 calories.

17. Fitness

The level of fitness is more highly correlated with the level of sexual satisfaction.

18. Menopause Problem

Sex at least once a week reduces the frequency of hot flushes during menopause.

Great Isn’t it? Do you expected that? The great benefits of having sex, do cozy thing and get the benefits :v

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Benefits of Banana to Treat Insomnia

Benefits of Banana to Treat Insomnia
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Benefits of Banana to Treat Insomnia - Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can be caused by stress, anxiety and depression. If it were so, many people who then taking sleeping pills as a shortcut. Unfortunately, sleep medications not the right solution to overcome sleep disorders that you experience.

Sleeping pills can cause side effects such as addiction and sparking deadly diseases. If you do not want to bear the adverse effects of the consumption of sleeping pills, then you can use a natural way that is certainly safer to do.

One of the natural and practical way to do this is by drinking boiled water banana. A study shows if the stew of banana peel can increase serotonin hormone that can trigger feelings of happiness on someone. How to use bananas to overcome insomnia, can be done easily with the quick creation time anyway.

Many say if the banana fruit tea has a flavor similar to chamomile flower tea but with a hint of banana in it. Tea bananas especially in parts of the skin have a high enough magnesium content. Not only magnesium, but potassium content in tea is also quite capable.

Efficacy Air Stew Bananas for Health, Particularly Insomnia

Magnesium is one of the good substances that are useful for preventing sleep disorders. If the magnesium and potassium combined into one, then this combination can help relax tense muscles before you go to bed. As a result the body can be more relaxed.

Things to consider before making this banana tea is to choose the type of organic bananas and certainly no chemicals in it. This is why, it would be better for you to pick it up directly at the tree without going through an intermediary supermarket or shop.

How to make tea banana

Materials needed:

• 1 organic banana
• 1 small pot of water
• Pinch of ground cinnamon

How to make:

• Cut the bananas into 2 or 3 sections can also (not peeled apart first )
• Insert the banana slices into the pan with water that has been boiling
• Wait for 10 minutes
• Pour the water into a glass
• Use a filter in order to clean
• As a complement to taste, add the cinnamon powder into it

You can eat a banana tea one hour before going to bed. Compared with sleeping pills, use of bananas would be healthier and are certainly capable of giving its own unique aroma and flavor to your tea fans.

The use of sleeping pills to treat symptoms of insomnia, can make to decrease your health, especially if you're desperate to eat them in the long term. Sleeping pills just give effect moment and not in a long time.

Benefits of Banana
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Benefits of Bananas for Insomnia

Sleeping pills are sedatives while and instead to address sleep disorders especially insomnia. Once tried, you can become addicted. Some of the effects of sleep medications among others, is to lower cognitive abilities are usually characterized by difficulty in remembering things. This is why we recommend you use the bananas cooking water to overcome insomnia.

The banana is one type of fruit that is loved by many people because it tastes good, is able to make full and that certainly has a high nutritional value. The banana is also known as a populist with a purchase price that is cheap. As a result of all the community, can certainly enjoy it.