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Benefits of Banana to Treat Insomnia

Benefits of Banana to Treat Insomnia
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Benefits of Banana to Treat Insomnia - Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can be caused by stress, anxiety and depression. If it were so, many people who then taking sleeping pills as a shortcut. Unfortunately, sleep medications not the right solution to overcome sleep disorders that you experience.

Sleeping pills can cause side effects such as addiction and sparking deadly diseases. If you do not want to bear the adverse effects of the consumption of sleeping pills, then you can use a natural way that is certainly safer to do.

One of the natural and practical way to do this is by drinking boiled water banana. A study shows if the stew of banana peel can increase serotonin hormone that can trigger feelings of happiness on someone. How to use bananas to overcome insomnia, can be done easily with the quick creation time anyway.

Many say if the banana fruit tea has a flavor similar to chamomile flower tea but with a hint of banana in it. Tea bananas especially in parts of the skin have a high enough magnesium content. Not only magnesium, but potassium content in tea is also quite capable.

Efficacy Air Stew Bananas for Health, Particularly Insomnia

Magnesium is one of the good substances that are useful for preventing sleep disorders. If the magnesium and potassium combined into one, then this combination can help relax tense muscles before you go to bed. As a result the body can be more relaxed.

Things to consider before making this banana tea is to choose the type of organic bananas and certainly no chemicals in it. This is why, it would be better for you to pick it up directly at the tree without going through an intermediary supermarket or shop.

How to make tea banana

Materials needed:

• 1 organic banana
• 1 small pot of water
• Pinch of ground cinnamon

How to make:

• Cut the bananas into 2 or 3 sections can also (not peeled apart first )
• Insert the banana slices into the pan with water that has been boiling
• Wait for 10 minutes
• Pour the water into a glass
• Use a filter in order to clean
• As a complement to taste, add the cinnamon powder into it

You can eat a banana tea one hour before going to bed. Compared with sleeping pills, use of bananas would be healthier and are certainly capable of giving its own unique aroma and flavor to your tea fans.

The use of sleeping pills to treat symptoms of insomnia, can make to decrease your health, especially if you're desperate to eat them in the long term. Sleeping pills just give effect moment and not in a long time.

Benefits of Banana
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Benefits of Bananas for Insomnia

Sleeping pills are sedatives while and instead to address sleep disorders especially insomnia. Once tried, you can become addicted. Some of the effects of sleep medications among others, is to lower cognitive abilities are usually characterized by difficulty in remembering things. This is why we recommend you use the bananas cooking water to overcome insomnia.

The banana is one type of fruit that is loved by many people because it tastes good, is able to make full and that certainly has a high nutritional value. The banana is also known as a populist with a purchase price that is cheap. As a result of all the community, can certainly enjoy it.