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14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty

14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty
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14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty - Baby oil is not only beneficial to warm baby's body, but can also be used by teens or adults. Baby oil is available with a variety of brands, which generally has a distinctive aroma. Baby oil has a beauty and health benefits, it's outside of our allegations.

Baby oil is used to treat a baby's skin is sensitive. Benefits for the baby is to make the body more warm and soft. Many people are reluctant to use baby oil, because of the lack of health information. The use of appropriate doses in would be beneficial for the skin and hair.

14 Baby Oil Benefits For skin and hair Beauty

here they are:

1.As Body Lotion

Baby oil can be used as a body lotion that is beneficial to smooth and soften skin. This body lotion does not cause allergies for sensitive skin. Use before bedtime or after a shower, to get the skin tone brighter.

2. Clean the former Make Up

Former makeup around the eyes and lips can be cleaned by using baby oil. The oil contained in it can make it easier to remove the makeup in the eyes and lips.

Baby Oil For moisturize the skin
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3. For Bathing

Baby oil can be combined with bubble bath to soak, which is beneficial to moisturize the skin. The benefits of baby oil to the spa will nourish the skin.

4. Prevent dry lips

Baby oil can also be used to cope with dry lips. Apply this oil on the lips, then gently massage. Do ahead of the night's routine.

5. Massage

massage uses baby oil can be done, even for sensitive skin. So keep your skin moist longer. Ask the therapist wears baby oil, when doing the massage. The body will be more smooth, moist, and warm.

6. Oil For Shaving mustaches (for men)

baby oil can used for shave the mustache. This way can prevent the pains and irritation, as well as more secure than other oils.

How to Treat cracked heels
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7. Treat cracked heels

Heels foot which breaks can be triggered by a rise in weight and dryness of the skin of the feet. Apply baby oil on the heel of the foot, then massage gently.

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8. Nail Care

Baby oil can be used as an alternative or pedicure menicure. Apply baby oil on the nail towards the night's sleep, massage gently. Beauty treatment is beneficial to accelerating the growth of the nails, as well as soften the nails.

9. Address the Scaly skin

Baby oil is effective in skin moisturizing hand scales, so that the skin becomes smooth like a baby.

10. Restore the luster of hair

Hair can become dull and not shine. Baby oil is able to provide a natural sheen to the hair. Dampen the hair with baby, then wrap using a warm towel. Leave it on for 20 minutes before shampooing. See the difference when the hair has been dried.

11. Disguise fine lines (Stretch marks)

Fine lines in the skin very interfere with the appearance and eliminate the confidence, so confused when choosing clothing. Apply this oil on your belly, thighs and arms. Do this treatment before going to bed.

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12. Fertilize Eyebrows

Sometimes, when shaving the eyebrows don't neatly so that the shape is being weird. Use baby oil to grow eyebrows back faster. Do maintenance at night, before bed.

13. Clean the dirt in the ears

Dampen cotton bud with baby oil, before it is used to clean the ears. This will make it easier to lift the Earwax is attached to.

baby oil on the skin, before using sunscreen
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14. As a mixture of useful sunscreen

Sunscreen to protect the skin from sun exposure. Apply baby oil on the skin, before using sunscreen. Not only that, the hair will be spared from drought and branching, by applying baby oil on the hair. Hair breakage due to chlorine in the pool water can also be prevented by this oil.

That's the 14 benefit of Baby Oil for skin and hair Beauty. depend on the article abpve we all know that baby oil is not only suitable for a baby, but rather very beneficial to man and woman's beauty.