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Good Benefits of Alcohol

 good benefits of alcohol
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Good Benefits of Alcohol - Alcohol not always bring bad consequences for human beings. Alcohol can also be useful for the everyday lives of human beings.
In scientific language, usually called alcohol. Alcohol is carbon compounds that have a cluster of OH (oxygen and hydrogen). Alcohol has some form of. Alcohol low tribe (which has fewer carbon atoms) in the form of liquid. Alcohol  tangible medium viscous liquids. While alcohol has a high solid.
Alcohol if taken by humans may cause drowsiness, even there are poisons, namely methanol. Therefore, the Government create laws and regulations that govern the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol in the community. The type of alcohol and its benefits can we meet in everyday life, among others, methanol and ethanol.
At room temperature, methanol form a volatile clear liquid and smelled delicious. If methanol is oxidized to form formaldehyde compounds, can be toxic and damaging the retina of the eye. Methanol is used as a solvent in the manufacture of human varnish and lacquer, rust on metal cleaners, antifreeze liquid in the automobile in countries with four seasons, and gasoline fuel mixtures to achieve the level of 15 percent.

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 benefits of alcohol on the brain
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The Benefits Of Ethanol In Liquor Industry

Other types of alcohol use by humans is ethanol. Ethanol is not a poison, but has intoxicating nature, cause drowsiness and addiction. According to Wikipedia, ethanol at room temperature in the form of clear liquid, volatile and odorless.
 benefits of alcohol for health
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Alcohol's Benefits To Human Life

Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is used for the manufacture of liquor, such as bus, wine, whiskey and others. Ethanol is obtained through the fermentation (brewing) reactions of carbohydrates found in rice, potatoes, wheat, cassava, corn, and others.
Encyclopedia Britanica stated technical alcohol used other than for the manufacture of liqueur made with fermented molasses. Molasses is the rest of the processing of sugar cane which still contains considerable levels of sugar but cannot be crystallized into sugar.
Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is most widely used for the manufacture of liquor, as a solvent, as an antiseptic medicine medicines for wounds, for fuel wood, manufacture of perfumes and others. Hopefully this information can increase your knowledge regarding the types and benefits of alcohol.